Writing A Dissertation Prospectus Using A Good Sample

A dissertation prospectus example can be referred to as a paradoxical write-up. That’s because it is not an introductory chapter or an abstract of a dissertation. It is simply an attempt to provide a description of what a student intends to do before they do it. In most institutions, students are expected to submit a dissertation prospectus shortly after completing the candidacy examination. This makes this document very important.

A student that has difficulties composing this document can use a dissertation prospectus sample as a writing guide. This document is about fifteen double-spaced pages long. However, there are other additional ten pages that comprise of the bibliography. Either way, he can use the services of professionals who write papers for money.

The Purpose

As hinted, the purpose of this paper is to provide a description of a proposed dissertation. However, many students confuse this paper from a proposal. That’s why many learners want to know what differentiates a dissertation prospectus vs. proposal. Generally, a proposal is simply what the name suggests. It proposes what a student would like to do.

A dissertation prospectus on the other hand delineates the area and topic that the dissertation will explore. It discusses why the area and topic merit the exploration. It also features a provisional outline for the chapters and a bibliography. The outline of this document should be precise though it can be modified during the actual writing of a dissertation. A good sample acts as a dissertation prospectus guide for a learner.

Why Use a Sample

You agree that this document is not easy to write. In fact, many learners confuse it with a dissertation proposal defense PowerPoint outline. Others mistake it for a proposal. Nevertheless, students are required to show prospectus drafts to the faculty members and the dissertation committee to ensure that they have a realistic and significant scope of their task.

After presenting a dissertation prospectus, the dissertation committee schedules a meeting with the candidate. During the meeting, the committee and the student discuss their dissertation project as well as its implementation with the candidate. The committee uses the dissertation prospectus outline to guide the student during this meeting.

Writing a Dissertation Prospectus

There is no recipe for writing a great dissertation prospectus. However, there are fundamental questions that a student should answer in this document.

These include:

  • What central problem will the dissertation address? The problem may be critical, theoretical, or historical. However, it should appear in the prospectus as a question that the dissertation will attempt to answer.
  • Has somebody else tried to address the problem before? If yes, what makes your approach different from theirs? In answering this question, a student should tell readers whether new evidence has appeared since the previous attempt to answer the question.

It’s also important to use a sample to know the right dissertation prospectus format. This makes completing this task easier.

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